Claire Gronow, Manager, Moors Valley Country Park

Moors Valley is a Country Park and Sustainable Wood Energy’s biomass boiler provides heating and hot water for the Visitor Centre that houses a restaurant, exhibition centre, cycle hire centre, toilets, offices and function room.

We previously used both oil and electricity to provide general heating and hot water.

We didn’t have the capital available to invest in a biomass boiler but were keen to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ and our fuel bills. Sustainable Wood Energy provided an option whereby we just paid for the heating we used and we were able to achieve our aims of reducing costs and our carbon footprint.

The biomass boiler has brought us several benefits:

•    A no maintenance system – as all fuel and maintenance is provided by SWE.
•    The biomass boiler improves the park’s green credentials and provides an opportunity to educate visitors about global warming and carbon neutral fuels.
•    The system saves us money, as it is costing us less to run than our oil fired system.

The installation process went very well and the service we have received post installation has been very good.

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