Greg Meakin Head Master Moyles Court School

Moyles Court is a 3-16 day and boarding school on a 14 acre site in the heart of the New Forest.

We have a large and complex site with a large number and range of buildings. We were looking to secure our energy needs for the future in a more sustainable way, whilst reducing costs.

We were heating the buildings with two oil fired boilers and electric panel heating

Sustainable Wood Energy first approach us and presented us with a proposal to take over 70% of our heating requirements taking the school off of oil . They also have allowed when sizing the boiler to take over the other 30% of electric heating as and when a wet heating system is installed into those areas of the school that require upgrading.

We also conducted extensive research and approached other providers. Sustainable Wood came out on top in all ways for us.

Sustainable Wood Energy firstly came and surveyed to site and came up with the best position to site the new boiler room and fuel store . Then they set out a proposal that was excepted by all the governors to build a  new self contained boiler room incorporating a biomass boiler with a 4,000 Lt buffer tank and 500 Lt expansion vessel complete with a 200 Kw wood chip boiler with an automatic feeding system and other associated heating controls.The four building were to be connected by heating main that dug into the ground at a depth of 900 mm.

Based on a minimum consumption of 256,230 Kw h per year for 20 years, (duration of the contract) this proposal provides ways to improve the hot water and heating system whilst achieving savings of up to 20% on the existing energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions by a staggering 92.4%.

The only on-going cost to Moyles Court School will be the purchase of their heat

The agreed rate per Kw h is to be fixed for periods of three years at a time

Sustainable Wood Energy will be responsible for all servicing and maintenance of the new boiler room and its associated equipment for the duration of the contract at no additional cost to Moyles Court School.

The installation process was well managed with little disruption, the installation physically is of a high quality, easy to operate and it is saving us a considerable amount of money.

We would recommend Sustainable Wood Energy without hesitation.

Please come and see what they have done for us at Moyles Court School


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