Feasibility Studies

1 - Feasibility Studies

Sustainable Wood Energy as the name suggests it simply offers heat contracts to its clients.

A unique service that can offer a complete alternative to the current fossil fuels used today. We specialise in providing renewable energy in the form of biomass boilers so prospective clients can enjoy up to a 25% saving on their current heating bill. To achieve this, SWE would offer a turnkey solution. This would involve doing a site visit.

  • Looking at the current position of the existing boiler.
  • Assessing the current consumption of fossil fuel being consumed using previous bills as an indication.
  • Look if expansion is being considered for the future.
  • Looking to see if the property lies in any Conservation Areas and what impact that would have reference planning requirements.

If you are interested in saving your business money and reducing it's carbon footprint at the same time then don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 814 761. Alternatively you can e-mail us at info@sustainablewoodenergy.co.uk

Our Process


You could be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint with our 5 step process....

  1. - Feasibility Studies
  2. - System Design
  3. - Planning Application
  4. - Installation
  5. - Maintenance

Feasibility Studies Feasibility Studies Feasibility Studies Feasibility Studies