5 - Maintenance

We carry out the full maintenance of your system

As has previously been emphasised, there is no maintenance charges on the new boiler when supplied by Sustainable Wood Energy.

Using its advanced CCTV monitoring system, the boiler room and chip store are monitored from our offices and only periodic checks are necessary.

The boiler will be serviced according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

The ash pan from the boiler will be emptied each time a delivery is made and the ash deposited on site as agreed by the client.

Should it be necessary, an emergency telephone number will be given to the client at the start of the contract ensuring piece of mind should the system need attention.

If you are interested in saving your business money and reducing it's carbon footprint at the same time then don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 814 761. Alternatively you can e-mail us at

Our Process


You could be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint with our 5 step process....

  1. - Feasibility Studies
  2. - System Design
  3. - Planning Application
  4. - Installation
  5. - Maintenance

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance