Planning Application

3 - Planning Application

If you need planning permission

Normally if the old system is being taken out and the new installed in its place then there would be no need to apply for planning permission. However should the new boiler and chip room be placed on site in a new location outside the existing building then permission would need to be sought from the local planning department.

Some larger renewable energy projects require planning permission before building work can start. The planning system in the UK is in a constant state of flux and regular changes to national and local policies can make a difference to whether an application is accepted or not by the Local Planning Authority.

With the help of our planning and environmental consultants we will make the application on your behalf according to the requirements of the project.

It is also important that planning applications balance renewable energy with sometimes competing social, economic and environmental considerations. Depending on the specific nature of the site and the scheme, these considerations can include:

  • Protecting and enhancing our cultural heritage
  • Minimising visual impact and safeguarding landscape character
  • Protecting ecological habitatsBenefits to the local economy
  • Safeguarding the amenity of local residents
  • Ensuring efficient drainage and avoiding an increase in flood risks elsewhere
  • Protecting higher quality agricultural land
  • Minimising odour and contamination of water, air and ground
  • Proximity to fuel source or grid connection
  • Minimising any associated traffic impacts during operation or construction phases

Our approach to successful planning applications involves reducing risk and efficient cost and programme management. It is often structured around:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the site circumstances and its history
  • Meeting with planning officers to agree what is required to ‘validate’ the application
  • Understanding what are the key adopted and emerging national and local planning policies and whether there are ‘material considerations’ that could justify a departure from policy
  • Listening carefully to neighbours and other stakeholders to reduce objections later down the line
  • Exercising sound project management and to keep talking
  • Ensuring we have the right skills and techniques on the job and bringing in specialists, if required
  • Seeking to avoid a large number of pre-commencement conditions, particularly if the project intends to programme building works soon after permission is granted

We offer all our clients a transparent and professional planning consultancy service as an integrated part of the project, using specialist and expertise where needed to get planning approval.

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Our Process


You could be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint with our 5 step process....

  1. - Feasibility Studies
  2. - System Design
  3. - Planning Application
  4. - Installation
  5. - Maintenance

Planning Application Planning Application Planning Application Planning Application Planning Application Planning Application