System Design

2 - System Design

Getting the perfect fit for your business

To help you build the perfect system our designs take into account the size, location and the physical environment into which the equipment is being installed as well as the heat load required.

Our engineers’ expertise and experience, drawn from an extensive portfolio of previous installations, ensures that you will be completely satisfied with our system. We will assess where the current boiler is and if not enough room is available then we will make recommendations for a new site or boiler housing. If a new boiler room is recommended the we would consider:

  • Where the boiler room could be positioned on site.
  • If the new boiler room needs to be hidden or blended in with its environment.
  • How best to maximise the output of the proposed boiler.
  • What would be required to merge the old and new systems.
  • If a back up is required we could plumb the existing boiler in.

If you are interested in saving your business money and reducing it's carbon footprint at the same time then don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 814 761. Alternatively you can e-mail us at

Our Process


You could be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint with our 5 step process....

  1. - Feasibility Studies
  2. - System Design
  3. - Planning Application
  4. - Installation
  5. - Maintenance

System Design System Design System Design